London vending machines

We’re based in London and operate around the M25 – meaning great customer service is always nearby.

No commitment

Our personalised approach to business makes it possible to offer the best service to our clients. There are no minimum rental times on our vending machines – we believe our service speaks for itself and don’t make our clients sign any contracts.

Branded vending machines

If you prefer to have your machines personalised or colour coordinated, we offer a bespoke service to personalise your free on loan vending machine at a special rate.

Free on loan vending machines

A driving force in the vending industry for over 15 years, we offer free on loan snack, coffee, and confectionery vending machines.

Save staff time

Our dedicated team will stock and repair your vending machines, saving staff time so you can focus on running your business.

Huge range of machines

From hot drinks to healthy snacks, we have a huge range of vending machines to meet your needs.


    Broken chocolate bar and cocoa powder

    Chocolate: the secret to good health

    20.10.2015 / by admin / 0 comments

    We all love a sweet treat now and again – and now studies have shown that eating chocolate might actually be good for us! New research suggests eating a small amount of chocolate daily can help cut the risk of…

    Retro cigarette vending machine

    A look back at the history of vending machines

    17.08.2015 / by admin / 0 comments

    While they might not strike you as particularly historic, vending machines have actually been around for about two thousand years.   The first ever vending machine was invented by the 1st-century Greek mathematician and engineer Hero of Alexandria. It used…

    Healthy snack bar

    The best pre-packed health snacks

    7.08.2015 / by admin / 0 comments

    We all know eating well can be difficult at the best of times, and when we’re on the move it’s more challenging than ever.   The good news is that today there are dozens of healthy pre-packed options to help…


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