Healthy snacks

snakky-360In our ever health-conscious society, today consumers want more from their vending machines than traditional sweets and confectionary. At United Vending, we have a wide range of healthier snacks to offer our customers to help provide a more diverse mix of food options throughout the day.


Choose from our list of healthier snacks to create a solution that works for you, or leave it up to our expert customer service team to curate a range of snacks that meet the unique needs of your business.


Our range of healthier snacks

Austrian wafers Muffins Good range of Cereal bars
Shortbreads Kellogg’s Special K’s Croissants – Chocolate
Flapjacks Kellogg’s Frosties Croissants – Crème
Peanuts bags Nutrigrain strawberry Eat Real bars
Cashew nuts bags Nutrigrain apple Eat Natural bars
Pistachios bags Nutrigrain blueberry