Free Snack/Combi Vending Machines

Browse our range of snack and combination vending machines to find one that’s right for your business. Below are a few of our more popular snack and combination machines but we stock a broad range of machines to suit all requirements. Enquire today and discover how we can service your company.



mars-360Our Mars vending machines come in four different machine models, each with an integrated cooling system and insulated cabinet to keep snacks and confectionary at the optimum temperature and freshness. Lockable cashbox, audit and timer facilities ensure machines are always running properly.


Machine Height Width Depth Capacity
Polvend 45 1830mm 967mm 724mm 540
Polvend 45 Deep Cabinet 1830mm 967mm 900mm 720
Polvend 50 1830mm 967mm 724mm 600
Polvend 50 Deep Cabinet 1830mm 967mm 900mm 800



sielaff-combi-360Our Sielaff snack and combination vending machines make it possible to serve a range of food and drink at once – ideal for small businesses or communal areas with limited space.


Machine Height Width Depth Power Supply
FS 1500 S 1830mm 700mm 860mm 230V/50Hz 16A
FS 2000 S 1830mm 990mm 860mm 230v/50Hz 16A/450W max
FS 2000 Combi 1830mm 990mm 860mm 230v/50Hz 16A/450W max



westinatic-360Our Westomatic vending machines are ideal for offices. The quiet refrigeration system and energy-efficient air-flow system reduces noise and running costs, while the SecureVend feature guarantees dispense or refunds change immediately.


Machine Height Width Depth Capacity
SnackPoint Quattro 1830mm 910mm 755mm 376



snakky-360Our stylish Snakky Max Combi combination vending machine make it possible to offer your customers or employees a selection of snacks, confectionary and drinks.


Machine Height Width Depth Weight
Snakky Max Snacks 1700mm 700mm 800mm 165kg
Snakky Max Cold Drinks 1700mm 600mm 800mm 165kg


Vending Prices

At United Vending we maintain strong relationships with several different suppliers, allowing us to offer our customers the most competitive vend prices.


Crisps: £0.60p to £0.70p

Confectionaries: vary between £0.70p to £0.80p and £1.20p for Flapjacks, Oreos biscuits etc.


Your Choice of Confectionary and Chips

At United Vending we offer an excellent selection of snacks both sweet and savoury to suit the tastes of your customers and employees. Options include:


Dairy milk std. Yorkie Mini Cookies original
Fruit nut std. M&M peanuts Walkers cheese & onion
Whole nut std. M&M crispy Walkers ready salted
Twirl / Caramel M&M blue Walkers salt & vinegar
Picnic Kit Kat Walkers chicken
Double-decker Toblerone Walkers prawn cocktail
Wine gums Smarties / Crunch Walkers worcester
Time-out / Boost Maltesers Walkers BBQ
Snack short cakes Starburst Walkers beef & onion
Crunchie Trackers nuts /chocolate Walkers smoky bacon
Brunch Bar nuts Chewing Gums / Skittles McCoy’s ready salted
Fruit mints / Soft mints Rolos / Polos mints McCoy’s salt & vinegar
Strong mints Lion bars McCoy’s cheddar & onion
Mars / Twix Galaxy Caramel Mini Cheddars
Bounty Galaxy Std. Wotsits cheese
Snickers Minstrels / Revels Mini Cookies hob&nobs
Hula-hoops salt & vinegar Walkers French Fries – Salt&Vinegar Mini Cookies chocolate
Hula-hoops beef Walkers French Fries – Salted Hula-hoops original
Quaker Snack-a-Jack s.cream Walkers French Fries – Cheese onion
Quaker Snack-a-Jack salt&vinegar Doritos cheesy / chilly
Snack-a-Jacks Mini Bites s.cream Doritos original