Our free vending machine range caters to a diverse range of needs for our customers. We help determine your needs and find the right solutions for you during a free site visit, be it a range of vending machines or just one for a communal area or kitchen space.


You have the freedom to choose what’s right for your business; choose from an extensive list of all our branded drinks, snacks and confectionary – you can select exactly what goes in your machine or leave it to our experienced team. Our trained operators monitor what is selling and can adjust the machines over time accordingly. We will also endeavour to accommodate any requests for a particular product that you may desire.


Once installed, our uniformed operators will visit to restock your free on loan confectionary, snack and coffee vending machines as often as necessary, be it every day, several times a week or several times a month.


Snack/Combi Vending Machine

Choose from our range of popular brand-name confectionary, healthy snacks and gluten free products.

Hot Drinks Machine

Enjoy a delicious, freshly prepared hot beverage with our range of hot drinks machines – we serve everything from indulgent hot chocolate drinks to coffee, tea and tomato soup.

Cold Drinks Machine

Beverages are ready chilled in our cold drinks machines – choose from large-size bottles of soft drinks, water and sports and energy drinks, or cans of all the leading soft drink makers. Juices and milkshakes are also available.

Water Coolers

Take advantage of our plumbed in water coolers at a special rate with our United Vending machines. Sleek and stylish, our range of water coolers are connected to the mains, providing chilled or room temperature water continuously.

Healthy Snacks

Our range of healthy snack options provides an alternative choice to your customers and employees. We offer a diverse mix of choices, from cereal bars to muffins and nuts.