Free Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Enjoy a refreshing beverage with our cold drinks vending machines. Browse our range to find one that’s right for your business. Below are a few of our more popular cold drinks machines but we stock a broad range of machines to suit all requirements. Enquire today and discover how we can service your company.



azkoyen-216-360Offering great flexibility, our Azkoyen machines deliver speed and simplicity. Designed to offer a range of different canned soft drinks, juices and water, the Azkoyen is durable, reliable and long lasting.


Machine Height Width Depth
Azkoyen 216 1830mm 610mm 535mm


Bev Max

BevMax-360Our Bev Max cold drinks vending machines serve a range of canned and bottled juices, water and soft drinks. A wide window panel displays the full range of products available, and a reliable delivery system and refrigeration system makes it a popular choice with our customers.


Coca Cola

coca-cola-360Recognisable and iconic, the classic red Coca Cola vending machines are a mark of quality in any office or commercial space. Our Vendo and Dixie Narco machines offer two sizes, bottles and cans, so you can choose what’s best for your business.



rondo-360With capacity for both cans and bottles, our range of Rondo cold drinks vending machines offer flexibility and the ability to stock a variety of juices, energy drinks, water bottles and soft drinks from the same machine.


Machine Height Width Depth Power Supply
Rondon 5-40 1830mm 880mm 890mm 230V



westinatic-360Designed to accommodate a range of bottles, tetra packs and cans, our range of Westomatic cold drinks vending machines are perfect for any workplace or commercial space. Our unbranded machines offer flexibility and freedom of choice, and a pre-cooling zone for additional bottle storage is perfect for high-traffic spaces.


Machine Height Width Depth Capacity
SnackPoint Everest 1830mm 910mm 755mm 240


Vending prices

At United Vending we maintain strong relationships with several different suppliers, allowing us to offer our customers the most competitive vend prices.

Standard soft drinks (cans, e.g. Coke, Diet Coke etc…): £0.70p to £0.80p
Bottled drinks: vary between £1.10p to £1.30p
Red Bulls: £1.60p

Your choice of cold drinks

perrier juiceburst ribena cokeAt United Vending we offer an excellent selection of cold soft drinks, juices, water and energy drinks to suit the tastes of your customers and employees. Options include:


Cans Bottles Lucozade/Ribena Juices/Milkshakes
Coca-cola / Diet coke Coca-cola / Diet coke Lucozade Orange – 380ml Just Juice – Orange – tetrapack
Fanta Fanta Lucozade Original – 380ml Just Juice – Apple – tetrapack
Lilt / Diet Lilt Lilt / Sprite Ribena Blackcurrant – 500ml Just Juice – Pineapple – tetrapack
Dr.Pepper Dr.Pepper Ribena Black. Light – 500ml Orange Juice – 500ml
Sprite / Diet Sprite Fanta Twist Orange Sport – 500ml Carrot&Orange Juice -500ml
Fanta Twist Evian  / Mineral water Hydroactive Citrus – 500ml Apple Juice – 500ml
Pepsi / Pepsi Maxx RED Bull Mixed Berry Sport – 500ml Mango Juice – 500ml
Diet Pepsi Yazoo Strawberry
Irn-Bru Yazoo Banana
7UP / Diet 7UP Yazoo Chocolate
Orange juice Capri-Sun
Tango apple
Tango orange
Perrier water